Assembling, engaging and maintaining effective teams is becoming more and more recognized as a critical factor within organizations. In fact, they are invaluable to any organization that is trying to improve effectiveness and productivity. When teams are in sync, especially leadership teams, they can positively influence the culture and the performance of the entire organization. When they are dysfunctional, they can sap motivation and productivity well beyond just their own group faster than almost anything else. Ineffective teams are a bad sign for the future of an organization. If you are going to utilize them, you need to make them right. If they are not done right, you need to fix them. Remember Einstein’s definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Hurleigh and Company works with teams to:
  • ensure each team member's strengths are being utilized  
  • recognize and address desired skill sets and competencies the team may lack
  • approach problem solving and decision-making in both tactical and strategic manners
  • help the team develop a common set of goals and objectives


"Significant service in helping us get through a most critical time..."

When we began to re-invent the United Way, the greatest challenges for our leadership team were to 1) establish a more customer-oriented culture, for both our donors as well as the agencies we serve and 2) become a flatter, more flexible organization. Hurleigh & Company worked with our leadership team, specific small groups and even with some managers by providing one on one coaching. With their guidance we:

  • Developed a better understanding of the strengths each individual brought to the organization.
  • Accurately identified and addressed barriers that blocked the increased productivity that was required
  • Broke down internal silos found in and among different departments.
  • Reduced some of the internal angst and unproductive behaviors, of which many were caused by the recent and significant changes in our organization.
  • Helped individuals, and sometimes their manager, understand each other’s problem solving and leadership style.

He provided a significant service in helping us get through a most critical time in the life of this organization.
Jane McIntyre, Executive Director, United Way of the Central Carolinas

"Substantially improved the essential internal communication between traders, credit analysts and portfolio managers..."

With over 30 years experience in the capital markets, I can honestly say that Hurleigh & Co. is the first organization that substantially improved the essential internal communication between traders, credit analysts and portfolio managers.  By enabling us to better understand our individual communication styles, Hurleigh & Co. leveraged our strengths, which I believe demonstrably improved performance.

Jim Anderson, Partner, Gulf Stream Structured Advisors, LLC