Candidate Selection and Employee Profiling


Consider the Cost of an Unproductive Team/Employee

Management's Time Spent on Addressing Poor Performance

Missed Revenues

Cost of Termination or Reassignment

Hiring a Replacement

Lack of Revenue Due to Vacancy

Learning Curve

Expenses Related to Poor
Selection and Profiling Add Up Quickly

Afraid to put a pencil to the cost of an “unproductive” employee or team? We don’t blame you! But just consider these expenses: Cost of termination or reassignment, replacement, vacancy, and learning curve productivity. What about the investment in salary, and benefits or loss of productivity due to poor performance? We never put a number to the amount of time management spends addressing a poor performer before the termination process begins.  This almost always includes a great deal of coaching and personal instruction.

Hurleigh & Company differentiates itself when helping our clients in the employee selection and candidate profiling process in two distinct ways. First, we are able to identify as many as 48 desired characteristics, (but usually our clients select only 10 to 12). This allows us to provide a quick one page "snapshot" that demonstrates if the candidate has the desired set of competencies.  It also demonstrates if the candidate's communication, leadership and management style compliments or conflicts with co-workers. For example, many times an individual can possess all the skill sets a position requires, but their communication style openly conflicts with others that they must work with on a regular basis. When this occurs, rest assured, productivity is impaired, especially when this occurs at the management level or among sales team members.  

The second point is probably more significant. The assessment tool we utilize, The Birkman Method, correctly identifies those factors that influence and/or motivate an individual’s or a group’s productivity.  So often we discover that through our analysis that an individual does not fit in an organization culturally, that the incentive system in-place demoralizes instead of stimulates them. Here, yet, is another example as to how productivity can be impaired. Hurleigh & Company can accuractely map an individual to an organization's culture and incentive system.  The idea is to get the right person the first time.  


"Worked with us to identify key selling skills..."

Hurleigh & Co. has been very influential in our selection process as we have added individuals to our sales team.  The company worked with us to identify key selling skills that help the right individuals achieve success within our organization.  More importantly, Hurleigh & Co. provides us meaningful insight as to what support Hood Hargett must supply to the candidate to positively impact the candidates' sales productivity, in particular by specifying where we should concentrate training and coaching to our sales process.
Chuck Hood, President, Hood Hargett & Associates

"...Customer satisfaction and revenue per client have all been positively impacted."

"As an accounts receivable management firm, our effectiveness is measured by our clients on a daily basis. Therefore our collectors’ productivity directly impacts our performance for our clients and our revenue stream. Poor performers negatively impact our income and customer satisfaction. Due to our growth, we recently asked Hurleigh & Company to help us design a “desired” collector profile in order to ensure faster start up times for new hires and minimize the risk of hiring marginal producers. We now have a desired collector’s profile, which will significantly reduce new hire expense, and accelerate their productivity. But more importantly, by working with our managers to improve internal communications, our collections teams’ performance, employee satisfaction and revenue per client have all been positively impacted."
Jeff Parker, President Prince Parker & Associates