Sales Productivity


Global Real Estate Management Firm
Market conditions created an opportunity for this company to significantly grow its revenues by providing services that reduced their corporate clients’ real estate expenses, and better utilize their space. We redesigned their sales process, helped them align their sales teams, delivered customized training, and redirected their marketing materials towards targeted industries’ current critical business issues. The result was that the following year, gross revenues increased 20% while the stock price more than doubled.

Corporate Services Company
The executive of a line of business within this corporation was unable to increase his group’s revenue and improve its margins. We provided sales tools that mapped to their organization’s sales process, tactical consulting for significant sales opportunities, and a career path program to gain and retain valued managers. Over the next 18 months, revenues increased 75% and net profits increased 100%.

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So often, when we begin working with clients to increase sales they have one common challenge: their sales efforts are more reactive than proactive. This usually leads to issues such as an inability to:

  • Grow their customer base
  • Expand penetration with current customers
  • Improve forecasting
  • Identify where an individual or a sales teams’ weaknesses may lie across their sales cycle

We believe Hurleigh & Company approaches these challenges with a unique method that significantly increases the opportunity for our clients to recognize a substantial return on their investment in both us and their people.  Increasing sales productivity for an organization requires changing behaviors as well as a significant investment in dollars, time, and committment for training.  However, sales training often does not always meet expectations.  One consulting firm in fact claims more than 80% of all sales training fails to deliver a positve ROI.  The reasons for this may often include but are not limited to: 

  • Key selling skill deficiencies are not identified for either individuals or teams as a whole 
  • These deficiencies are not specified and validated with the sales force during training
  • Sales training is not focused to meet these deficiencies and weaknesses
  • The sales tools and job aids designed to address these deficiencies are not stressed
  • Sales managers often do not follow through with ongoing coaching, reinforcement and support  

This is where we differentiate ourselves from our competition. Fundamentally, we believe there are only two ways to improve productivity: structurally and relationally. Structural pertains to such things as technology, processes, financial management and administrative systems, and organizational accountability. Relational pertains to people and how they interact with others, within their own company as well as with clients/prospectsToo often, management only addresses one of these characteristics; not both

We specialize in the design and execution of programs that address both of these functions to achieve positive changes in operational performance; and as a consequence, financial performance. We address the structural function in conjunction with our business partner, McCrory & Company by helping our clients implement a customized sales process utilizing the Solution Selling® methodology. Solution Selling is the sales and sales management methodology used worldwide that is designed to differentiate sales people and their organization not only by what they sell, but how they engage their clients and prospects. We address the relational function through the industry leading assessment tool, The Birkman Method.  This tool allows us to accurately identfy an individual's or sales force's selling strengths and deficiencies. But as importantly, it accurately defines those factors that motivate them.     

By utilizing these two intellectual properties simaltaneoulsy, our clients:

  • Have a systematic approach through their sales process across their entire sales cycle
  • Are able to define and communicate the behavior that has to change to improve productivity
  • Utilize specific sales tools and job aids designed to eliminate sales deficiencies 
  • Provide sales managers and team leaders where and how to concentrate their inspection and coaching efforts