Leadership & Management Development

A well-designed leadership and management development program increases the retention of superior employees because they recognize that time, attention and skill development is being invested in them. When you continue to challenge and reward talented employees, you minimize their need to seek opportunities elsewhere.  In the future, organizations that invest in these programs will have a significant competitive advantage.  As baby boomers retire a “talent shortage” will grow, as members of younger generations will not be ready to fill the jobs left vacant. McKinsey & Company predicted this back in 1998 in their white paper “The War for Talent”.  We encourage you to read the attached research, “Preparing for the Talent Storm”, conducted jointly by Birkman International, proprietors of the industry-leading assessment tool and Stanton Chase, one of the world’s top 10 executive search firms.

What differentiates our customized Career Path Program© is that we believe that leadership and management are distinctly different functions and skill sets.   Our program addresses leadership and management both individually and collectively.  We do this in our 4 step program by

  • Establishing and validating each candidate’s leadership style by defining their interests, usual behavior (especially as it observed by others), motivational needs, and stress behavior
  • Identifying each individual’s management style by describing how they prefer to contribute to the organization, execute specific management functions, and validate what they prioritize in a work environment
  • Measuring nine predetermined skills and behaviors (i.e. competencies) the individual exhibits that are critical to evaluating their performance and success
  • Providing the candidate and quite often, their “mentor” as well, a comprehensive coaching format including action plans for continued self management and development purposes


"An integral part of the development program..."

As our solutions group began to experience significant growth in our revenue stream and customer base, we recognized that this presented a number of challenges for our leadership team.  First and foremost was the need to provide our clients talented and effective account managers.  Therefore Hurleigh & Co. in association with their business partner, McCrory & Co. developed a customized four step Career Path Program for us.  Our objectives with this program were to;

  • Encourage planning professionals (both internally and externally) to pursue a career in Occupancy Planning with Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Provide product leadership with a vetted methodology for promotion
  • Establish guidelines for meaningful career development discussions
  • Strengthen and refine both management and leadership skills  
  • Expand our revenue stream with current client relationships

This program easily met our objectives and is now an integral part of our development program.
Jennifer W. Oliver, SVP/ Occupancy Planning Operations Director, Jones Lang LaSalle